i was wondering if anyone could tell me some good acoustic songs that arent classical and sound like rock songs? no tenacious d please?
My Strength by Radiohead or Fade To Black by Metallica...or my personal favorite, 39 by Queen (39 uses a capo on the first fret)
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what an original thread!!!
check out the "Detailed 'what songs' thread"

also try search and search for "acoustic songs" for the title

theres a lot of stuff posted randomly arround UG about good songs

the Goo Goo Dolls have some good acoustic stuff and maby some John Mayer
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what i got by sublime,its cool.....go to that tab on this site,version 4, its really good
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You do relise that there is a thread made just for this topic... you should check it out, there are tones of songs listed there...

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