k look here i want a new amp for my b-day but i also want pickups so if i should get the pickups let me kno that i should get those imstead. but anywayz i want a new amp and i think the spending limit is around 300 more or less. im in a band and we will start to play small local gigs like beachclubs no more than 200 or so people comein into april/may area .I play mostly round the hard rock region. a bit of meatl bit of emo so tell me what kind of amp i should get what wattage etc. Or if i should gp with the pickups and if i should do that what kind should i get?
IF you decide on pickups and get actives then i recommend a tube amp, because tube amps sound really good with active pickups. I would check out the peavey's, they got some really good deals and there sound are awesome. IF you go with pickups i would go with EMG's.
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