Alright, I've been in a few bands, but most have been jokes with my friends. However, I'm thinking about getting more serious (not all-star, mind you, just a good band), but I need some advice.
First-what does a band look for in a guitarist?
What should I look for in a band?
and how do I go about the writing process? I can write riffs and even songs, but I am a multi-instrumentalist, and I don't often see anybody else to jam, so I don't want to go egotistical, but I don't even have anybody really lined up yet, so it is just me at home until something gets rolling. I'm hoping to either do some metal, mostly original in style, but perhaps influenced by ozzy and Black Label Society, but I also wanted a prog rock band (completely original in style), or a blues band. I wasn't planning on doing all three, but any of them individually would be great.
There are too many questions for one thread .
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
well find someone in your area who plays well and see where that takes you then come back and ask the rest of your questions again

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One man metal/prog/blues band! Woo!
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You can't really ask what bands will look for in a guitarist. There are too many variables. I am the guitarist in my band and I also book 99% of the shows, talk to clubs, get our money, make sure everything is how it should be, talk to our merch printer, and almost everything else business related and I also write alot of the music. It's alot of work mind you, but I love my band and it's what I want to do. Everyone in the band is happy with me doing all the things that I do. If they wanted in on it it would honestly be a little hard to give up some control, but only because I like to know first hand what is going on and not take someones word for it, but I would give up some responsibility. What I am getting at is that an established band will probably want you as a guitarist. Someone who can play the previously written material and come up with new riffs and songs. If you start a band you may be much more than that like I am. I have been both and they both have their pros and cons. It really comes down to what kind of person you are. Just remember, you don't have to be a tyrant to be in charge.