wrote it on the spot. i honestly dont know what im doing, anyways....c4c

i dont know
where ill be
in three years
but i know i wont be here

we are just kids
but got to get ahead
of the competition
by the end of the year

we can fit in tight spaces
but cant get our faces in
books to learn what we need

you see, what we read
has nothing to do with school

we seem
to be stuck in a
time & space conflux
but i dont know what
that means

oh captain my captain
please take us to a
safe place
its pretty good. your style of writing i different from mine though because you write in those short lines and that's not really my thing. but for that style then it's good. one thing is that i would add a little bit more to it, because it just doesnt really seemed finished i guess. gj though. see you tomorrow!