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This morning I woke up and wanted to write a cover arrangement of the MTA song. This song was the first song I learned on the guitar and my father originally taught it to me.

The melody was taught to me by a friend. I have never heard a recording of this song before, so this is just how I play it. The Idea of this arrangement is an opening song for a show.

I tried to keep everything simple enough for any competent band to play with ease. Parts sound bland because i had a hard time getting the sounds i wanted out of guitar pro.

The lyrics for the verses I tabbed are:

Let me tell you the story
About a man named Charlie
On this tragic and fateful day
He put ten cents in his pocket,
Kissed his wife and family
Went to ride on the M. T. A.


Charlie handed in his dime
At the Kendall Square Station
And he changed for Jamaica Plain
When he got there the conductor told him,
"One more nickel."
Charlie could not get off that train.

But did he ever return?
No he never returned
And his fate is still unlearn'd
He may ride forever
'neath the streets of Boston
He's the man who never returned.

[bass solo] (Vocals: Ah-ha, Ah-ha)

Now all night long
Charlie rides through the tunnels
Thinking, "What will become of me?
How can I afford to see
My sister in Chelsea
Or my cousin in Roxbury?

But will he ever return?
No he’ll never return
And his fate will be unlearn'd
He may ride forever
'neath the streets of Boston
He's the man who never returned

I was going for an Eagles kind of sound.
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Quote by Jonjy2
Oh yea, im from

Edit: And btw its called the MBTA....dunnno if it was called MTA back then w.e

Yha, it was like Metropolitan Transit Authority but IDK as i don't go to Boston that often.

Edit2: I was also trying to get an Eagles kind of sound, Did i get anywhere close?
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kudos, thanks for my crit. Onto yours: It's kind of hard to crit a piece where I haven't heard the "original" music, but it's alright. Nothing spectacular in my opinion. It seems a little too simple, but if you're going for it being easy to play (which I'm assuming if it was the first song you learned on guitar, it shouldn't be too challenging), then that's probably good.
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Thanks for the crit man, I'm hear to return

Simple is always good in cases of this kind of song. Personally I think you did really well with it. The Vocal melody, although played in an annoying midi way, fit with the chords and the rest of the music well. I say very very well done on this one, mate.

As for the Eagles sound, I think you got it quite close, it depends on the vocal style really in my opinion to bring it even closer, but of course this was just Guitar pro midi thing so meh.

As for a rating ...? Well I couldnb't find much wrong with it, aside from blandness, which doesn't really matter. So I'd give you a ...

9/10 for this one.