I need a really cheap bass just to last my band over until we can get enough money to get a good one. Thanks in advance.
Yes. You just need to close your eyes and suck it out of a tube i have.

Anyway, what is your price range?
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but try Ebay, a friend of mine got a full Bass set-up for £40, Amp, Picks, Strap, Bag, all that jazz.
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I want a cheap one cause there are four of us, and only one of us is lyable (sp?) to get a job, meaning only one of us is 16, and we are making a CD for a Graduation project and we need a bass, because my friend is borrowing the schools (hes in jazz band) and he is going to have to give it back in april, so I'm not a cheap ass.
Pawn shop or the local guitar store. Those usually will both have pretty cheap instruments.
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PLUS, I gave you a nice suggestion, no need to get all snotty mate.
Definitely check out a pawn shop or ebay. Or...you maybe try garage sales if you're really cheap. Maybe check out the newspaper and see if anyone's selling them for cheap.
Go to a Guitar Center if theres one near you and try to haggle by saying you only have a certain amount to spend... it owrked for me
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garage\yard sales is where you would likely find the cheapest one.
Most people selling guitars (or anything really) at those have no idea what they are worth.
Hell, I once got a $1200 printer for $20 at one. Worked for about 3 years then died.
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do a search on the internet.
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Pawn Shop son.
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