hey im new to this because i found an interest in guitars.My birthday is on March 20th..and i want to get a guitar and i just want to know if the Epiphone Les Paul special 2 is a good guitar?Also are their any correct tabs from sum 41 "over my head" and metallica "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and maybe "Enter Sandman"? because most of them on this site are incorrect and people argue that the intros arent correct,the chorus isnt correct and that the solos arent correct..so can anyone show me the correct tabs?Thanks again.
if you want more opinions about those tabs check www.911tabs.com, it has a huge amunt of tabs once it gathers smthing like 10 tab sites.
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or you can invest in buying authentic tablature books. your birthday is coming up so why not ask for one?
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buy the offical tablature books - probaly the way your going to get the most exact tab.... theres always certain torrent sites...

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thanks guys...well i was thinking about getting a the official tab book of Metallica and Sum 41..i guess i just will get them.