Ok so on the Guitar center website it has this preffered player card thing. It says no payments or interest for 3 months. This may be a stupid question but if I use this method and buy a guitar, will they send the guitar to me and I have 3 months to pay it off? Thanks to who ever can explain this to me.
Dunno about that. You'll have to read the small print but I'd imagine it's a deposit now, nothing to pay for 3 months and then you either pay it off (at the original price... hence no interest) or you then agree terms (ie 50 quid (or dollars, or whatever) per month till its settled... but this WILL include interest)
rofl... no interest for 3 months... after 3 months they'll probably have some bogus interest of like 30 percent... also you probably won't get accepted because its basically like a credit card... and from the looks of it, you're not old enough to get it.
if u dont pay off in full before midnight on the last day of the 3 month period. they will charge u interest added up from day one. all added to the cost of the guitar.

you have more than 3 months to pay it off, but keep in mind, they dont want u to pay it off.

that's how they make their money.
because if u just pay off mininum amount each month they make a ton of money off of u.

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