Ok im from ireland and in the market for a fender strat. The thing is their ridiculously priced over here in shops and still expensive on most european online stores. Look at this !
this costs 670$ (when converted)
And this exact same one
Costs only 399$!

Shipping should not add on an extra 270$ onto the price.
Is there any where i can get a fender strat at half decent value (other than second which of course im looking at) like some usa store that ships to ireland/europe.
Also to any Europeans what do you think of this pricing?
Try GAK.com
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That pricing sucks !
Here in chile (where i've been living for the last 3 years)
you gotta pay 1300 for a fender hot rod deluxe and it costs only like 700 or 600 dollars in the USA------Tell me if that doesnt suck, and besides of that you could try www.musik-schmidt.de very good homepage.
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You're forgetting you have to pay import duties on stuff shipped from America which would bump the price up. Besides its not that much anyways (works out as £340 for us Brits). I'd say just go with Thomann, I get 90% of my stuff from them cos I know that it'll come in perfect condition within 3-4 days which is better than saving a little to get damaged kit.