hey guys,
im a student of rusty cooleys and im trying to get a new group started.
im looking for bands, or musicians to start a melodic prog metal band.
my influences are Rusty cooley, outworld, trivium, symphony x, and Lamb of God to name a few.
if interested, pm me, or reply to this.
any help is appriciated
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check out this sweet shred mayneeeee

arrrg. houston is so damn big.

i live on the west side (hwy 6 and I 10) and spring's kinda far.

your music's close, but not exactly what i'm lookin for.

there isn't much going on on the west side of town dude, most of the stuff i hear about is up in cypress and spring close to you where they have all the places like java jazz and java junction.

sorry i couldn't help ya.
From westside of houston. Shredder. A bit far away.
Maybe something along shred,metalcore,hardcore, thrash,prog, neo classical styles.
I used to play at java jazz lol.
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Houston, Texas?

If you don't mind someone who focuses more on experimental songwriting and rhythm I would love to play together and see how it goes.

I mean I can solo and sweep, speed pick and all, I'm just not great at it. So basically if your looking for some one to trade super cool solos I'm not it, I can harmonize and do medium speed stuff but that's about it.