Wanted to buy, A combo amp around 150-200 Watts that can have an extension cab, or a head and a smaller size cab that can be extended for more volume. (Dont want to be lugging around one of those huge cabs for practices!)

Some amps im especially intrested in are Ashdown MAG C210 and 115, and the Electric blue 15-180, as well as the corresponding heads. Cabs aren't a big deal... 1-15 or 2-10 setups are what I'm looking for.

BTW, this isnt for me... but since I'm the most technologicaly proficient in the band (mediocre at best...) they figured i should look into the gear.

If people want to look in to see if I'm trustworthy, I have only ever bought one thing off the internet, and the transaction went very smoothly, and I can give you a refrence if you'd like... I would like refrences from the seller as well.

Looking to spend no more than 500 Canadian shipped to southern New Brunswick.
I have a 120 watt rouge bass amp (I know you said 150 plus but shes plenty loud as Ive gigged with it) That has the 15" speaker replaced with a 400 watt sub but I also have the origional speaker if you would want that instead. Make an offer if you are interested.