This is my first time trying this so here goes,

The piece's tittle is still being debated over whether it be calle
Soul snatcher or Snatcher of souls

Aside from that

Here's A little poem or lyric i wrote for english class, my teacher saw it and thought it was awesome, So just let me know what you guys think, criticism and oppinions.

I would really like to know if its too simple or if i should change up my style or whatever just give me feedback, thanks

Ascending from the slums

Your time has come
Unknown thing from the east
Commence your feast
Swallow those of misfortune
Take their money and pride
The only way to soothe pain is to drink till you die
Snatcher of souls, The time has come
Snatcher of souls, be gone of my blood
Snatcher of souls, you laugh at my pain
Snatcher of souls, I won't live this way
Emotion and hate is all you create
Rid me of those I love
Leave me a misfortuned one
Today youll relieve pain
But tomorrow ill be the same