So, I am thinking pickups for my Les Paul 100. This is part of my "Extreme Makeover Guitar edition". Pretty lame on a $250 guitar, but its all I got and the folks won't let me get one for years to come. (with my own money!) So, here is what I have done so far to it...

-removal of pick guard, removal of Treble/Rhythm plate

Right now I am thinking of doing a Les Paul BFG kind of thing and putting a P90 in the neck and a BurstBucker 3 in the bridge. I play mostly classic rock, some hard rock, blues, 50's rock(Chuck Berry stuff etc.) and some alternative stuff.(minor). What do you guys think of this? So these are my planned mods..

-removal of pickup mounting rings
-Zebra Coil Burstbucker 3/P90
Black top hat knobs
Grover tuners

Quote by Arlabester
no. just no. new guitar or wait. new pickups will not make that guitar any better.

How so? In a year I will have enough for a Les Paul BFG if my parents allow me to get it. What is wrong with putting new pickups in this thing?