Say I'm singing a song like Master of Puppets... I can hit the high notes, but the problem is is that I can't make it "metal", it sounds like a choral rendition of the metal masterpiece. I can sing the notes an octave lower and give it more of a metal feel to it though, since it's more comfortable. Would doing this be frowned upon by musicians as a whole? I know it's not "Wrong" to sing it an octave lower, as long as you are in the same key, but would people turn heads at this?

I'm not asking because I'm like "socially scared" or am afraid of 'what others will think', I just wonder if there's something wrong with singing high pitched metal songs an octave or two lower. :P

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I'd rather hear something good an octave lower than bad at the right octave.
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do whatever you are happy with, lower octavies is a good idea

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its all good. You should try tuning down a full step, or just half a step. To me a whole octave lower sounds like a lot, lower, but if it works for you, then go for it.

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well, if you can sing an octave lower, go ahead. flaunt it, sirrah, for it's hard to do that
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id prefer the choral rendition. Called originality
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Well I am kind of in the same boat as you. My voice isnt very high, but the higher octave does sound better. You can pull of the low one, in the right places. Do not switch in the middle of the phrase, as that will sound weird.
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Dream theater did MoP and it sounded pretty good... as long as it sounds decent, although not true to the original, it should still be fine.
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