tell me all things that i wanna hear
i wanna hear theres no such thing as chemical warfare
and theres no more starving in the world
and Aids no longer exists cuz someone found a cure
if i had all the money in the world
i could stop alot of shit from going on
but i wanna hear that money means nothing
and theres no blood on it
i wanna stop saying what you call controversial
and i wanna put an end to shitty infommercials
so stop pretended that everythings ok
cuz theres too much to lose and nothing to gain
you can keep reading your bible cuz theres no more religion
it was causing to much stir and theres no more violence
all the prisons shut down cuz theres no need for them
everyone that ever killed another person became the victim
depression and disease cured itself with one side effect
you stop cutting down trees cuz its taking my breath
no more hurricanes and natural disasters
we control the sea and love nature like a mother
no more maniacal terrorism epidemic
its a brand new day and im happy with it

tell me all the things that i wanna hear, man
i wanna hear theres no more fear in the world, man
and theres no more murder on the streets
but most of all i wanna know that you hear me
dont complicate life
everything is simple people just can't
see the simplicity in everything