Is Rocktron a good brand for amps? I want a Rocktron Rampage RT80 80 watt, is that decent? If it's not, what is a good amp for a that same price(around 200) for decent watts(30-80).
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I can honestly say after a few months of good following of the GG&A forum, I haven't heard anything about Rocktron amps other than they have at least one tube, and they are cheap. I've heard nothing of sound, durability, etc... All I know is that they are new on Musician's Friend. Sorry to disappoint.

what is a good amp for a decent price for decent watts.

That has got to be the blandest statement you could say. A price range would be lovely, or at least a maximum amount you want to spend. Will you be using this for a band? Or just personal playing? Try to help us a tiny bit.
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sorry for double-posting to anyone who claims anything...

that's probably the most wattage you're going to get from a new amp...unless you go used.
you might be able to get a cheap tube combo if you're lucky for $200 or a little more, but it's highly unlikely.

whatever you do, don't get a marshall MG or any Behringer's. unless you want to spend more money trying to make them sound a little better.
...unless it's a higher wattage crate, stay away from them too (yeah, i know i have one)