well I'm just wondering how long was your band together before you played a show.
Almost a year, no gig yet. However, I'm the only one in my band who does anything productive....
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When I was teen, I had "bands" that lasted a few months and never played a show. The scene was VERY rough in my hometown and still is. Now that I'm a way better musician, my bands don't wait half as long.

True Story: Last spring I heard a local cover band was auditioning drummers. I contacted them and they told me to come in 2 weeks and to learn the 50 songs they covered. I already knew half of them since they were rock standards that I played in my previous acoustic duo (which is why it's good to have covers)...

I showed up at their band practice and after the first song, one of the guitarists said "you're hired"... We played about 10 songs that night which lasted about an hour off and on. 4 days later we put on a 4 hour show.

Keep in mind I was joining an already existing band. When you do that, you don't have time to wait around. If they have gigs lined up.. you need to be ready by then.

There was a recent event where a local band lost their drummer after a few weeks of forming and had already booked a very big show. I told them I would fill in for them for that show a week before it was to go on. They refused saying it wasn't enough time because no one could get down their material in that amount of time. They didn't even give me a chance to audition.

At that show, I saw them walking around and they looked pretty run down.. that's not the point but a side note. The main point is, I actually heard their material a few days later and it was terrible. Anyone with minimal skills could have played their stuff and it wasn't even good to begin with. So some people are just too tied up in their own thing. This is a reason I no longer play with musicians from Delaware.
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suprisingly enough my band only lasted a month before getting occasional gigs in things like church halls and local competitions

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About 3 months. We just rehearsed and got it down. We only played 4 songs our first show and 5 the next night, all originals and it got the local people hooked on our band. You don't have to play a bunch of songs on your first show. Just make sure the ones you play are tight.
Two months.But that was a one off. Now we've finally started getting a gig a week. Which has taken us around a year to do. Before that it was at best once a fortnight, at worst once every 6 weeks.

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Since August, so, 6 months. Our first show was November 3rd, so, 3 months.

Wow. I thought it's been way longer than that...
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