Sup guyss
I'm new to UG and have been playing an acoustic for about half a year and i've been dying to play an electric guitar.
I listen to genres of music such as alternative, rock, and punk (not metal)
I've narrowed down my choices to epiphone les paul custom, standard strat, ibanez SZ series, prs SE custom
I've been reading reviews and that's what i thought might fit me, but I still don't know much about guitars/amps so I'm willing to take your advice
As for amps give me some suggestions please
I've heard though from UG that vox and roland are some good beginner SS amps
I'm willing to spend around $800(US) for guitar and amp
Please leave your thoughts
thanks a lot
get the epiphone les paul and get a 50 watt marshall combo

that should be about your price range and it should be good for down the road too
get the epiphone les paul and get a 50 watt marshall combo


PRS, and the Vox.

It's true, this stuff I make up.
i got the epi les paul classic as my first electrical guitar...and its pretty amazing
i like it
and it's only around $450...so...that leaves more money for an amp...


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