well I have bean trying to write songs lately but my problem is I dont know when a riff can be used as a chorus or a vers or if it Even maters. FYI im trying to write metal songs that has a punk indie rock or experimental sound to them if that's possible
these guys say it doesn't matter. however i have to disagree.... typically the chorus is the catchiest part of a song. it's kinda hard to explain. do some research on musical pieces (regardless of style) normally i find a good chorus is one that you'll be humming. usually the verse will build and release into the chorus. and reverting back into the verse will end the release of the chorus. its a type of emotional build up to a release. a good way to look at it is like this, when you're humming a song, what part are you generally humming, the verse or the chorus.... now good songs have really catchy verse and chorus' such as metallica, pantera, tom petty, eric clapton and so on.