okay i have a schecter omen 6 and a line 6 spider 2 amp. i know not the best choice in amps, but oh well. My question is what amp or pedal should i get that would make it sound more closer to what zeppelin uses its driving me crazy learning some of their songs and it not sounding atleast somewhat to what they sound like, but not only that if im going to need to get a new amp or an expensive pedal i would want one that can cover or be able to play some different sounds from:

guns n roses
chili peppers

stuff like that and i know they all play different from eachother for the most part, but im 17 and want all i can get in one pack for the cash. i was thinking a ds-1 or bad monkey pedal, but i don't think it would help much through my amp anyway what do you think? Thanks

Oh btw my range isn't much right now im looking for sort of a quick fix so like $200 max which i know isn't going to buy me a very great amp, but i could trade in the one i have now or sell it to one of my friends so i don't know ill let the more experianced players hopefully answer this. Again thanks
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save your money for now, nothing you can buy with $200 is going to help much
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I know ive been saying this a lot lately, but here it goes: LOW WATT TUBE AMP. Maybe a Valve Junior, id say a vox modeling, but if the line six isnt working out for you i dont think the vox would either. Get a valve junior and a power attenuator to go along with it, and then once your birthday or some fun thing like that comes aorund, sucker your parents into buying you a cheap distortion pedal and equalizer. I'd garuntee you that you will get most of the tones you want, if not all of them, because thats all I have and I can nail everyone of the band's sounds you mentioned.