Ok midi programs, what do you use? Like a regular old keyboard or do you have to buy something special for it. I have a drum program that came with something I bought and it's midi and I wanted to know how to work it. Thanks alot.
you need a MIDI controller (which is like a keyboard only with no preprogrammed sounds, or in your case you would want one laid out like a drum pad) and a soundcard or interface with MIDI I/O. Actually now you can get USB MIDI controllers too, Korg makes a nice one.
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Firstly, pretty much any keyboard made nowadays should work with a MIDI program, so long as it has the MIDI holes and plugs and you have an interface.

It sounds very much to me like you bought an MBox 2 and got a demo of BFD. Unfortunately, I've never used BFD, so I don't know how it works, but you may not even need a keyboard to use it. It probably has a built-in MIDI editor, so you input all the notes manually corresponding to a timeline, usually bases on bars and beats. You still have full control over what you can make it play, it's just that you have to know, musically, exactly where you want everything. You also have to know about note dynamics (how hard you want each hit to sound).

Tell me if the program is not what I mentioned. Chances are, it is a fairly similar deal, anyway.