I am really noobish when it comes to amps, sorry. I am thinking of investing a little on an amp, so i dun have to upgrade everytime i upgrade my guitar. Willing to spend up to $500 USD. Is it true that if i get a 100W amp, my electricity bills will soar?
Post and recommendations u have, i will consider them

Thanks Forumers!
combo is head and cabinet in one. generally they arent as loud as half stacks. sound and tone wise it just depends on the amps themselves. half stack is head and cabinet sperate. so which are you looking at?
yea, go to the link this guy posted ^ . they have the best selection and the cheapest prices.
And as for the actual amp, u can neva go wrong with a fender or mesa boggie.
I personally have the Line 6 Spider III 75 combo (the first one on the link above), and I'd definitely recommend it, especially if you like experimenting with a lot of different sounds. The amp's got hundreds of different settings for different styles/songs, so it's really good if you like playing around with a lot of different styles of music

Plus it's got some pretty good power behind it (especially for a digital/modeling amp)
What kind of music, guitars, effects ect.....? You can't go wrong with tubes. I would suggest holding off long enough to get a nice combo to get started. I played my TSL602 straight up for about a year before getting an extra 2 x 12 custom Cab..... and now getting ready to trade in the Combo for the Head.

Unless you're going to be playing concert halls, outdoor stadiums, or 3000 seat venues..... forget about 100 watts. A 30 watt Class A Vox will be loud enough to get you arrested. And with tube amps the harder you push the better they sound. So get something you can crank and stay out of trouble with. You can always Mic up to a PA system if you want to play for the neighborhood.

For $500.... and for something that's not really a Gig / Pro amp..... the Vox 50 watt Valvetronix is probably your best sounding practice amp out there. Versatile in sound and nice quality.

You'll thank yourself a year from now if you invest in a good Tube amp. Maybe a Vox AC15cc1X with a Blue Alnico Speaker. Peavy Classic 30..... You can always get a couple of OD pedals and such to taylor your sound to specifics..... but Tubes are the only way to sound real.

If you ever want to jam with some guys you'll need something more like the 50 watt Vox Valvetronix. Loud enough to play along with a drummer.... and it'll sound decent for the money. But you have to be realistic in that with music gear..... 95% of the time you get what you pay for. And a real road worthy, true tube, rock and roll amp is going to cost you $1000 - $2500.

Try those Vox Valvetronics out.... you won't be disappointed. Especially not for $399.00
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lol a 100W amp will not make your electricity bill soar. 100 watts actually isnt very much power. Most of your household appliances will use more.
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ashdown fallen angel, theyre way cheap right now, like 400, and theyre all tube
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