I saw this band last year before I had ever heard of them or listened to them. They're live show was chaotic. It blew me away.

I picked up their new album, "This is Your Pig's Portrait", today. I've listened to it once through and I liked what I heard. Their short songs hit you so hard and are over so quick that you have no idea what happened.

I'm not sure how to explain what they sound like but some of their main influences are Coalesce, Bloodlet, Deadguy, and Refused.

Check 'em out!
(They have more music on their website than their myspace.)
hahah im bringing back such a dead thread but i dont care. the_Network are amazing. a NH band to be proud of. my friend saw them play with converge and he said they ripped. i think he said he liked em better than converge. he gave me the cd and i was completely blown away. people really should listen to em. so nuts
Saw them the other night. Their live show was definitely fun to watch but I'm just not into their songs. And I usually like fruity tech stuff.
huh innocent v. state is prob my fav. i love how it gets all slow and acoustic, then blam! hits hard picking up where it left off in the next song called prison letters. that was pretty cool