Such a stupid thread, but I have a question. My car's wireless entry remote is 11 years old and doesn't work, and I was wondering if getting a new one is as simple as just buying another one and tuning it to your car's settings or something, or if the entire system has to be replaced. Because like, this remote is pretty ghetto and I doubt they make it anymore. Perhaps a wiser member of UG has had to go through this in the past. The wireless system isn't factory, it's after market.

Help would be greatly appreciated, it's hard searching for obscure questions like these.
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I'm guessing you'll have to replace the whole system. I don't know much about this kind of thing, but it seems unlikely that you could just replace an eleven-year-old aftermarket remote.
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If its aftermarket you'll wanna check out the manufacturer first, or their forum. If they wont get you anywhere you're gonna probably have to replace the whole system unless you can find a way to change the frequency and stuff to match a new remote.
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...My car's wireless entry remote is 11 years old and doesn't work...

you did try replacing the battery, right?
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i would believe that you would have to replace the whole system, given the circumstances...
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