Well let me first start of by saying, I have a 3.0, GPA, not stellar, but not horrible, either. English and Science are my serious strongpoints. I can write very well, and I dunno, I'm just good at science. Math, any type, minus Geometry and Alg 1, I just can't do.

So, I know theres some intelligent UG'ers on here.

I just want some help. I have a UNIT test tomorrow. Which, I've NEVER gotten an A on a Pre-Cal test, and I really wanna impress the teacher this time, by getting one. I actually know all the stuff on this test, except THIS section, which, if I skip completely, still gives me the chance for a 92 percent A-, but leaves me having to nearly perfect the rest. Also, I'm not borderline failing, in fact I'm sitting decent with a C right now. Just figured I'd ask for some help. These are prolly gonna be easy, too, but I missed 2 days of class, therefore missing the explination of these problems. And i've spent all week catching up, so I gotta get em in tomorrow.

Heres the probs.

1. The period of a pendulum (the time elapsed during one complete swing of the pedulum) varies directly with the square root of the length of the pedulum.

A. Express this relationship by writing an equation.
B. In order to double the period, how would we have to change the length.

2. The pressure of P of a sample of gas is directly proportional to the temperature T and inversely proportional to the volume V.

A. Write and equation that satisdies this varation.
B. Find the constant of proportionalilty if 100L of gas exerts a pressure of 33.2 kPa at a temperature of 400 K.
C. IF the temp is increased to 500 K and the volume is decreased to 80L, what is the pressure of the gas.

UGHHHHH This is why I hate missing even 1 day of school.

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i wish i could help, but i'm taking honors pre-calc next year and i'm in honors algebra 2 this year. sorry. but i wish you luck on your test!

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Christ dude we don't really care what you GPA is or what you want to get on the test
Why don't you check a book, you may find it easier if you look an example.

Quote by Toasty25000
Christ dude we don't really care what you GPA is or what you want to get on the test

Then shut up.
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Oh I feel for you...I took precalc my senior year of high school...then I took calc 1 last semester...and now I'm doing calc 2 and 3 this semester...

(Forgive me if I'm wrong...it's been a while and I could be rusty...)

I don't know how your teacher wants you to label the variables

1.) a. Period = (variable) x (SqRt of Length)
b. Looking at the equation, all you'd have to do is double the square root of the length to directly affect the period and in turn, double it as well. Since it's pre-calc...I'm guessing your teacher lets you assume the variable is one.

2.) a. P = T = 1/V
b. I'm not sure what you mean by proportionality constant...
c. Initial Temp/Final Temp = Final Volume/Initial Volume = Initial Pressure/Final Pressure.
So 400K/500K = 80L/100L = 33.2 kPa/Final Pressure

Both the temperature and volume ratios reduce to 4/5 when compared to the pressure ratio. Maybe that's the proportionality constant?

The final pressure is 4.15 kPa after cross multiplying the pressure ratio with 4/5

Not sure if that's right...hope it helps...

(Gave me an excuse to avoid my own homework for a few minutes)