I'm new here and I've heard some good music here. This is a tune that is very personal "The Deal", I like how the guitar solo came out.

First one here:

For guitar I used a 79 Gibson Les Paul>MicroVibe>ZVex Nano amp. I recorded using GarageBand, a friend of mine did the drums, I did the rest (synth, guitar and vocals).
ok. im listening to it now.

i like the bass sound i like the feel of it as it gives the sense of eerieness thats present in the song. Your voice is really eerie aswell! its good tho, although im not sure bout the synths at the beginning. As a song its quite solid, it has appeal, although its not really my thing. I like yourguitar solo in it. it fits well with what your playing, it takes a very 70-80's blues rock feel to it at that point, changing the dimension of the song, but im not sure bout the bit that follows it with the synths.

overall its pretty good, if i had 2 rate it id give it 7/10 (thats good considering i dont like this kind of music!)

p.s if you could crit my song radio button, there is a thread for it.thanks
I should note that the drums are real and not sequenced. And all the synths are also played in real time.