I've been finding it difficult to find some good settings on my amp as of late. It's so hard to EQ and get a good tone out of. For anyone who doesn't know or hasn't read my sig, I own a JCM900 MK III Master Volume amp. I'm really wanting to get a nice heavy tone with plenty of gain that emphasizes my highs.
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^Meh, I don't find that thread reliable.

Threadstarter, I suggest you start playing around with it at the volume you have it at. Try dime the mids and cut off the bass a bit and maybe crank up the treble a bit also. Just start playing around with it...and it will take a while...

But you can always get an EQ.
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If you want to emphasize highs try changing the pickups in your guitar. Epi pickups are...ehhhhhh. Maybe a Duncan JB would help bring out more highs.

Other then that...crank the mids and highs?