I need help picking out a new electric guitar. i want the best guitar i can get for 400-500 dollars. i also need a good amp. but i dont want to spend too much on it prolly around $200. so i just need some suggestions.
what kind of music are you going to be playing? thats a big part of what to recommend
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try an epi sg..the g-400 not the the g-310. im thinkin bout gettin the g-400
i have a 310 now and im havin al lkinds of problems with it..as for the amp
i cant really help you there...i got a fender blues jr. but i havnt really been
able to try it out cas i get alot of noise cas of the guitar..it cost a bit more
than what u wanna pay..just try some stuff out in a store untill you find
something you like
well you could try something like a squier telecaster or jagmaster, or if you wanted to spend more an epiphone sg or les paul
Signatures are overrated.