So I've narrowed down my options to these 2 amps, which one do you guys think is best? I'm going to be playing mostly heavy metal and that type of stuff. But I may occasionally play some clean stuff, so here's what I found.



i would say the crate personally...the roland is nice but its almost like a pocket amp, and the features are weak and stale imo. the crate probably sounds nicer.

overall though, i recommend saving up for something better.
well even though i'm a really big crate fan, it looks like the roldnd's got more in terms of distortion, atleast tone-wise. i've also never heard anything bad about the roland cubes
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are you planning on playing live with these? if so good luck. But if you're just looking for playing in your bedroom these are fine, If this is so I would go with crate amp personally, higher end rolands are really good, but crates are always good from the money.
Yeah, ofcourse I'm just getting a practice amp, nothing to play just yet. Just practice.
Roland cubes are awesome!
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I have a 40W crate and a 5W crate, and surprisingly, the roland has WAY better sound. Go for the Roland, they are very good sounding amps.
For bedroom practice, i think the Microcube is better than the Cube 15x.
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