I currently play a Ibanez rg370dx and I was looking into purchasing a Jackson DKMG pretty soon but I havent gotten the chance to try it out yet so I was just curious about the quality of it, like are the active emgs going to sound good in the alder body and through my marshall dsl401?? is the bridge really that bad? is there much of a difference from my ibanez?

I play mostly metal so I figured this was a step in the right direction but then again I dont know much about the pros and cons of Jackson guitars..... any advice appreciated
I have a dk2ff and it doesn't mess around. The neck is awesomely slick and it sounds great now i have a emg in there. The bridge has never given me any hassles what so ever, stays in tune brilliantly, even when diving all the way to the body and back. Great guitars if you ask me, although it would be wise to try out a couple considering the chances of factory defects and what-not. Give it a try atleast.
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Dumbass that is a classical guitar, use nylon strings or the neck will crack... and not the kind you were smoking when you wrote this.
the jackson is definately better then your ibanez and definately quite a good guitar in general but id probably go up a series to make the upgrade more worthwhile