Here's the second song I've written. Really, in my band we don't think the lyrics are all that important, we're more about the music, soas long as these don't seem too bad it's ok. This goes with a bluesy thing that changes halfway through and becomes more mellow.

I hit the highway its time to go
It feel so good to hit the road
But I can never be content
I keep moving I don't stop for a minute

But the road is my life; it's my friend
And I'll keep driving to the end

The wheels scream on the pavement as I floor it
The smell of burning rubber I adore it
Cuz the road is the only place for me
There's no other place I'd rather be

And I've lived on the road my whole life
It is my one and only vice

As the car flies off the road
I scream my final scream
I can't believe that this
is happening to me
I can't believe my life
Ends so ironically
The road that I so love
Will be the death of me

Comment it, but understand it doesn't have to be great for it to work. I wrote a good song once, but I lost it.
its kind of cliche but if it works for you than it doesnt matter...

but i like the ending... i would like to hear how that goes...
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