Just wondering is that thing worth buying at all? I'd like to fool around with the functions it offers I think, but I remember hearing that pretty much all the whammy reissues suck pretty hard so I'm not sure if it's worth the money. Opinions from people who've actually used one would be appreciated.
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Well I haven't used any of the new whammy's but I read they were the same as the old ones with some extra features.

I never played one so I can't say how good it is, however by what I read it should be the same.

And also to add I think it's quiet usefull effect, like on some of Pink Floyds works (Marooneed for example) and alot of the stuff Tome Morello's done.
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Go for it dude. If you want the effects get it. Whammy II is probably one of the better ones cause you can change the effects by foot rather than the twisty knob that was on the original. I once borrowed one that was slightly flatter than it shoulda been. But after i found out you can recalibrate it, worked like a charm. Definately worth it. Your actually pretty lucky to find one. I wanna get the digitech space station if i can ever find one...
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i have one myself, i think they are pretty sweet, i think they sound ground with some songs ive written but sometimes i use it to much and over kill the song, but like the song touching tongues by steve vai, thats just amazing sound