So I just spent quite a long time recording this song. I spent far too much time breaking a habit and learning the real parts of the song (mainly the ending harmony... I always played the completely wrong thing).

I layered multiple tracks for harmonies and such. No punch-ins with the software, but multiple takes. I messed up the ending solo a bit, but it's not so bad. Otherwise, I think I have this song down for the most part.


And just so you can see an improvement (and to make this look much better in comparison), my oold recording of this on video, skipping most of the song... on my oldschool Crate GFX120 while it was on it's way out... you might cry


I'm thinking of asking one of my friends to do the vocals to this song... It might be an interesting twist having a female singing this song.

Crit please.
I think you've scooped the mids too much...

It's just too much treble and presence... (if there are)

anyways good skills man!

Hearing your cover of your first post, i think you put too much gain on the lead and the clean were a little bit lifeless. About your playing, it was good but the quality of recording don't make justice to it.

Edit: Also play with a backing track, it's more fun and help to build some rhythm's sense.
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Go to www.guitarbt.com, make an account, and get a backing track.

Playing was pretty good. Tone was a lot better the second time around. Turn the lead up though, especially during the last solo.
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hey ibaRGnez321 that website doesn't work for me i need a password to access it straight away, any ideas how it'll work?
That's weird...it never used to do that. It's doing it to me too, and whenever I try to log in with my account it isn't even working.

PM me your email and when I get a chance, I'll send you the backing track.
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This is my 5th account and I still havn't made any friends

My Rig
ESP Viper 1000
Crate RFX120

The tone was kinda bad as everyone said. Your playing was very cool though. Add some mids. Good work.
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