I'm having problems with my AC-30 CC. It's making a hissing, crackling noise when turned on. It fluctuates from low to high but not regularly. This happens whether the amp's volume is turned up or down. When I put it on standby, there is a fairly scary pop. The guitar tone still comes through, but there is that constant hiss and buzz.

From using the search function on UG, it seems that it may be that my tubes or one of them is going microphonic.

Could it be my effects causing electrical interference? Maybe I need a compressor? They are pretty close to the amp. like pretty much in front. They're powered via a one spot power supply plugged into the tuner, and a daisy chain linking everything else. My effects are set up like this:

guitar > volume pedal > tuner > distortion > wah > amp

I also have some effects in the effects loop:

amp send > flanger > chorus > amp return

If anyone has any ideas, and has experience, please let me know what you think. Thanks a lot!
Try the amp without any pedals going into it or even near the amp/switched on.

If it still does that, check your cable, guitar and finally change the valves.
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Don't mean to throw some negative words.... but me and the other guitar player in my band had to go through about 5 Vox AC30's between the 2 of us until we both finally got one that didn't have any out of box problems.... and after a couple of bad Combos with the Blue Alnico's.... we had to go with Heads and Cabs. We kept getting Combo's/Heads that would rattle..... most likely the Reverb Tank.

If returning/exchanging is not an option.... you may have to take it to a tech. AC30 is a killer amp.... but Notorious for having issues.
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Tap on the tubes with the eraser of a pencil; if you get lots of crazy noise, it's time to change the tubes .
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Thanks for all the replies fellas. Still haven't resolved the issue, gonna call Vox on Monday to see what they will do, since it's technically only six months old. Of course who knows how it was treated at the store. Luckily I have a performance guarantee so that should help, just not looking forward to not having the amp to play with when I have to have it fixed.

JasonUGA311, you have some pretty sick gear bro, I'm looking forward to a Marshall myself.

Anyone else care to chime in, please do!