Something I wrote for my schools LitMag:

I stand in the shower
The water beads on my face
More humid inside than out
A rarity in this place
Shadows sprawl on the wall
Dispatched by a candle
Splashed tiles grip at my feet
Panel by panel

It's hard to climb back into reality
Rather than hide in the moisture all day
But I've got places to go
Things to do and things to say
So my now wrinkled feet step back onto the floor
And I dread the real world
As I reach for the door
I'm a rockstar without the skills, fame, or income.

Washington Redskins
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this is a wonderful little song. Great flow, Simple, To the point and direct. WEll made, Good message and illustration. Wish I could go more in depth, but the simplicity of the piece makes it harder.

you may check out one of my two newest pieces, And peace shall sleep, or , The unfillable void. I am more proud of and peace shall sleep, But I am quite happy with the unfillable void.

let me know what you think
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wow brilliant dude... xept, i dont really like the title... i like sanctuary but not wet although u can keep it cuz it still works but yeah...