I was bored. so i decided to show you guys the kinda food you should try when you come to singapore! yeah i know.. maybe there has been a thred like that too lazy to look it up well anyways! introduce some of the good food we all can find when we go flying across oceans on our next trip!
well first you've got to try Roti prata it's kinda like bread but much nicer.. it comes with a curry dip
This is it:

next up it's laksa which is sort of noodle dish that has a nice spicy coconut based gravy. ingredients in there are cockles, fishcakes, prawns and beansprouts and it looks like this:

lastly trip down here aint done without trying satay, which techinically mean meat on a bamboo skewer also with a nice spicy peanut sauce dip thingy and looks like this:
ah well haha enjoy the looks of it!!!!
Looks interesting. Commenting on the first one, I love curry which my Japanese aunt says is weird for a white person but whatever.
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Dammit. It's 2am where I am now, and thanks to you, I'm ****ing hungry.
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Bet you can't beat M&S chicken satay over there Lovely stuff.

Shellfish is the nastiest thing ever (in my opinion). Give me beef any day.
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Bet you can't beat M&S chicken satay over there Lovely stuff.

Shellfish is the nastiest thing ever (in my opinion). Give me beef any day.

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when flying to england, it is vitally important you try the following things

fish and chips:

the staple british takeaway, avaliable with curry sauce, mushy peas, and even gravy if you're lucky

the next thing you should try, is a cornish pasty:

these things can rule your world. If its a freezing cold day, and you have the option of catching the bus for a mile ride, or buying a pasty, i would take the hot pasty anyday.

Also, you should definatley try a steak and kidney pie, for the exact same reason as above, its tasty, affortable, and it is very nutritious:

thats all i can think of for now, i shall let my felling britons take care of scotland, wales and ireland. I would post haggis, and i know that is rather tasty, but i dont want to take the pride away from a scottsman.

zac89 are you from Singapore ?

That food looks delicious. Can I come to your place when I visit there ? Maybe you could give me some tips about restaurants and where to go what to do etc

: )
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Im from India and I can say without fear of opposition that roti-paratha is an Indian dish and even though he thinks it is Singaporean it probably got there from the thousands of PIOs.Therefore "roti prata" (actually pronounced paratha) is not a traditional Singaporean dish
^He didn't say paratha, he said prata, and there IS a difference. Prata is more like a pancake than a bread, in that it contains eggs, whereas a paratha, as you will well know, is simply a chapati made with ghee. So ner. Although i will admit that it has paratha-based origins, wayway back.

EDIT: sorry, that sounded a bit confrontational didnt it? didnt mean to be rude, just showing my knowledge of teh breadzzz
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yup.. it aint' truly singaporean but! we enjoy it alot and thats all that matters isn't it? and the last i heard there ain't roti prata in india only thosai