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I’ve looked around nobody seems to know
That the powers of darkness continue to grow
It’s finally begun
There’s nowhere left to run
So sit back, enjoy the show!

Welcome to the end times
A final battle between evil and good
Welcome to the end times
Can’t you see how all the rivers are choked with blood?
You can’t deny the signs
Darkness descending and the storm has just begun
Welcome to the end times
Judgement upon us and the sin has already won!

As we are nearing the end
The stupid faithfulls continue to pretend
That their Christ will rise
To punish their despised
But they don’t realise times up for them


I look around the heathens are in prayer
Before in evil’s grip their heart’s ensnared
But I will kneel before
The throne of our dark lord
and hope I will be spared
Absolutely love it, It seems the cliche' are there on purpose, So it works well. Amazing piece. nothing to pick at that I can find.

Let me know what you think of mine, And Peace Shall Sleep, An Unfillable void.

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religion and music dont mix

who wants that crap shoved down peoples throat seen to many so called christain bands who say one thing and do another

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