I know that Sigur Ros' bassist used one in a song from their '()' album.

But i dont knwo what exactly it does? and what kind of sound it makes??
Yes, i do know what one looks like, nothing like a bow at all....

!!!feel the funk blast!!!

Yeah, it's track 6. It adds a lot of sustain, u rub it along the the strings and it acts as a traditional violin or cello bow. It's like when u pick a note and u let it drone out. It's the droning out bit but it goes on infinitely. If that makes sense?
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dogmeat, ah jeez, dumb as a post, twice as ugly.

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Personally I like the sound alot, and you can do quite abit with them and loads of other effects...But, they are reasonably expensive, and unless you KNOW your gunna use them then there isnt much point getting it IMO.

Saying that....I still want one.lolz.
you dont rub the ebow. inside are two ocsillating magnets, vibrating the string. i have one, and its awesome with tone rolled down, delay, a slide. Its stereotypical, but it sounds like a whale having sex.

Awesome description. They do look rather cool.
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