Ok if anyone remembers the thread entitled "getting that lotsa notes effect" Im still working on that dazed and confused solo and im at the point where i have the muscle memory in my fingers now and i can make it sound pretty good. however half way through the solo theres a massive squeaking and im not sure what note it comes on. it sounds like a string bend but it sounds like hes grabbed the 19th fret of the high E and yanked it right up. that or stamped on a mouse halfway through recording

also whats a ghost note and are the two related?

Second question how do i get that sound of the at the beginning? I have my fender set to the bridge pickups and it all sounds very good but is it an effect, whammy bar or electric trickery?

If it is electric trickery i have a line 6 Pod any suggestions for some good settings to get that strange sound in harmonics? Swell setting?
Are you talking about a pinch harmonic? If you are, its done by hitting the string with your pick and immediately touching the string with the flesh of your thumb. You have to have just a small part of the pick sticking out so your thumb can hit the string instantly.
I've a feeling it's a studio effect, either that or he just does a slide all the way up the fretboard with a shedload of reverb and a delay kicking in.
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