Whenever I'm finger-picking, I like to rest my pinky and ring finger on the pick guard for support so my hand doesn't go all over the place when I'm playing. But my brother just told me today that's a wrong technique. So my question is, is it really the wrong way? Does anyone else here play this way? I dunno I guess I just feel more comfortable playing this way.
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If you feel more comfortable and it doesnt inhibit your playing, theres no real reason to stop doing it. It may cause problems if you needed to pick with your ring finger, but to be honest you could probably get by without, so i wouldnt worry about it.
nahh man don't worry about. i anchor my little finger on the pick guard as well, but not my ring. if it works and sounds good i say use it.
Yea it works fine for me. When i do need my pinky and ring finger i can just adjust really quick so it doesn't really affect the song I'm playing.
"When I grow up, I wanna be a vampire bat"

iv been told that i should get out of it because its a bad habbit, and then i brought up the same question on these forums and got the same reply. Carry on dude, i still do if it makes it easier to play then theres no reason why you should stop.
Everyone gets taught a different way. Then they assume their way is the only right way. But really, if it works, then it's the right way, regaurdless. So you're not doing anything wrong.