This pie-in-the-sky idea of mine is inspired by pacman-man's pink floyd les paul, so credit where credit's due. I want to wire up my guitar (two humbuckers, 4 pots and a switch) with a usual 3 way pick-up switch, a master volume, a master tone, and the other two pots (presumably push-pull pots) so when the switch is in one position, the pot is bypassed completely, and when it's in the other it acts as a volume pot for only one coil of the humbucker and leave the other coil at full volume. It's probably best just to see here for a better description of what I'm after.
Given that I have almost no knowledge of circuity, could someone please be kind enough to show how I would do this, if I can?
Thanks - Natty D.
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i think that yoiu would wire this before the normal volume pot, so that you have the 4 wires, and you take the live and ground of one coil and wire a volume control for it. to wire the push-pull, send the input to the middle, the volume on one, and when you pull it make sure it selects the ground. Don't even bother asking me how this would look.
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Yeah, I figured that I'd have to wire each pickup to it's push-pull first, then through the switch, and then the volume and tone. Could anyone show me how to wire the push-pulls, please?
Though it might just be easier to use each pot as a mixer without the switch, I dunno.
How may The National D help you waste your time?