Im not sure what is best out of the epiphone g 400 deluxe(400), the epiphone les paul(400)or the epiphone sheraton (creamy colour 500 euros) or a fender telecaster(500euros) because i want to buy one. But im not sure which is best.
Fender telecaster go with that fu*k the rest.
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I'm a little biased here, I'm a fender lover so I'd say go with the telecaster.
but then again, its not about which guitar is best. read some reviews on here and harmony central and see what they say about the guitars and then see if you can play them in a store to see which one you like best
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sg has decent fret acceses and is light and has god sustain the sheraton is LAMINATED maple not solid and fender are just a rip off, paying for the name. sg i have one quite similar oh and the les paul isn't solid mahogany its got an alder centre