I've been playing a lot of stuff that often requires you to bar with your index finger lately. In the last two days I've been playing this kind of music for about 4 hours a day and I've noticed that my index knuckle is sore as hell, while all my other fingers are fine.

Is this normal? Should I just keep playing or is that bad?
Hey. If you're not used to playing like that then you are likely to develop an over-use injury which coud really mess up your playing. I'd say relax a little - it shouldn't hurt when you play. Maybe cut that back to say an hour a day over 2 sessions just to make sure you don't do damage.

Hope that helps.

Hmm, thanks. I guess I'll just spread out my playing time instead of playing in one long block.
If you really want to carry on playing the barre chords, then to ease the strain use your thumb on the bass and play it like you were taught your first F (well for me anyway). Barre the E and B with your Index.

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