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Crybaby from Hell
9 60%
original crybaby
1 7%
Crybaby 535Q Multi-Wah
5 33%
Voters: 15.
Any opinions? I'm looking at getting my first wah pedal, and I was interested at the volume boost in the Dimebag wah (apparently it also has an extended sweep, I hate to be a noob but can anyone tell me what that means? More range in the pedal?) but I'm afraid it's not worth the extra money. The second option, the original crybaby , doesn't have anything extra, but it's obviously cheaper and probably the best deal on the list. the third option, the crybaby multi-wah is probably the most versatile range, and in between the 2 prices, but I'm worried about the feature that apparently eliminates distortion. Does that mean kills the distortion from my amp, or eliminates feedback?

I'm open to any other suggestions, as long as it's kept under $160.
i have the excat same situation. i also am about to buy a wah pedal. and am wondering which to get.
In the long run you want something that your going to be able to tweak with because you might get bored with the sound your getting. Dimebah is great for doing that, like Tarzan said. Original Crybaby broke on me the first week I got it, its cheap. For the multi-wah im not really sure how it sounded since I never used it. What kind of music do you plan on playing with this wah?
Bah, if you love to play metal, go with the dimebag wah!

I barely use my wah anymore...i'm selling it for a holy grail reverb, w00t!
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If your going to be playing metal, get the Ibanez weeping demon. Much cheaper and sounds great, I use to to practice at home. I dont gig with it because I don't use wahs live.
Roctron Tri-wah, and get back to me.

Or the Zakk Wylde wah. I think that it sounds INSANE clean, really sweet.

Vox are great too.
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The Dime wah is nice, even for non-metal players. The 535Q is also cool. Keep in mind that Dime did use a 535Q.

The Original one is crap.
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I've only tried a Crybaby Original versus a Vox V847, and as you can see from my gear below,


Though I've not tried the Ibanez and others listed. But Vox is better than Dunlop in my experience.
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