Hey, does anyone here know how to work with a live MP3 so as to either turn the volume of the vocals up, or the music down? The problem isn't noise, just the vocals are completely drowned out, and I'd like to know if it's possible to change that. Thanks in advance.
some clever EQ work? perhaps, but your not really going to be ablle to unless you get the singer to shout louder, is this for a recording of a real band or are you trying to make a demo?
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is that even possible?
Yes it is..
You'll want to cut under 70hz, between 600-800, and anything over 12khz.

That should remove some of the background noise, and cut some of the higher frequences produced by bassy instruments.
I have some live MP3s of a band playing some new songs, I just can't make out many of the lyrics 'cos the singer's voice is quiet. It's not my own performance.