Poll: Fender Cyber Deluxe or Peavey Valveking 212?
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View poll results: Fender Cyber Deluxe or Peavey Valveking 212?
Fender Cyber Deluxe
2 40%
Peavey Valveking 212
3 60%
Voters: 5.
I've been debating with myself which I should get. I've heard others play the Valveking and it sounds amazing, and I have played the Fender Cyber-Deluxe. I personally play most metal sub-genres, some blues, and a lot of 'shred'. I've been able to achieve amazing tones from the Cyber-Deluxe, but I hear the same can be achieved with the Valveking.

To anyone with experience with the Valveking, or both, which would you prefer for any of the genres I've mentioned above?

I'll post a poll, but I beg of you to write any reasons for what you have voted for.

Thank you.
I've played the Valveking, and it didn't reach metal distortion at all. I hated the tone of it. I have never played the Cyber-Deluxe but my opinion on the Valveking isn't high, especially for any type of metal or any music that you need higher gain for.
If you are going for a real tube tone and you don't mind using outboard effects pedals, then I'd say go for the valveking. I tried the 1 12" model out at my local daddys a few months back and I was pretty impressed with the tone. I usually use a 5150 at that store and they sounded fairly similar. I don't think there's much gain though(atleast not as much as the 5150). That can be easily solved by using a good od pedal like the MXR Wylde OD or a Boss SD1.