There are basically two parts to this question.
Firstly, I just wanted to check my thinking is right here - if each mode is the seven notes of the major scale starting on a note other than the first, does that mean that each mode is another possible shape of the major scale?
For instance, D Dorian is made of the same notes as C Major (Ionian) starting on D instead of C. So if I were to play D Dorian starting on the sixth string all the way up to the first, that's also just another shape of the C Major scale?
I'm pretty sure I'm right there, hope I've explained it well enough.

Secondly, does that also work for other modes (I don't see why it wouldn't)? For instance, would E Phrygian therefore be another possible way of playing an A Minor scale?

Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance!
Youve got it pretty much right..
just to help u out.

C ionian : C D E F G A B C
D Dorian : D E F G A B C D
E Phrygian : E F G A B C D E
F Lydian: F G A B C D E F
G Mixolydian: G A B C D E F G
A Aeolian : A B C D E F G A
B Locrian : B C D E F G A B

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Awesome thanks, I knew the above but never really thought about the practical applications of that before. Thanks!
All modes cover the entire fretboard. Please see the sticky.
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