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well my first gig was at a big name bar in my town. and we we're only together for a month or so.. so we only had 5 songs together by then.. but i bring my little bass amp in .. and theres a MASSAVE ampeg in there so i was happy ( cause i play bass) yea we got everything set up and we played for the 2 people that go to bars on sunday afternoons. ha .. we played greenday's basketcase and american idiot, box car racer's i feel so and there is. and blink 182's stay together for the kids.. we were really good .. since then we have learned like 35 more songs and there not all punk like the first five.. but it was a sucessful first gig... good luck with yours
I play bass!
I should have my first gig sometime soon, I play bass too ^. Good luck with your gig i imagine it will be pretty nerve-racking, well it will for me anyway.
Just a little school talent thing. We covered a few feeder songs. Didn't really use that much gear, just my Epi LP and a Peavy amp the school has.
my first gig i was doing a solo performance, canon rock and then just jamming over a backing track. All my mates were phsyced and so was I, so i gt up on stage and set the backing track going. Then, a man at the front yelled out, "oh you C*NT, I was gona play that!!!" andwas swearing and yelling at me and shiz, so i missed the entrire intro! Then came the worst bit,my lead would not stay in my guitar, it kept falling out. In the end i didn't do the second song because if i stayed on any longer the guy in the front row would've actually stabbed me in the neck.

Anyway, good luck with yours whenever it is. Just watch out for the drunks
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Damn Razor, sorry to hear man, sounds kind of ****ed up. But yeah, I won't be nervous. I just hope I get my nice halfstack by then, or atleast a decent sounding one... Our band has like 4 cover songs, and a bunch of originals umm.. Whatever by Godsmack, Bloody Romance by Senses Fail, and my favorite... Rose of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage.. So we have a wide variety of our covers genre.
At "The Mill" in Mansfield. We played a bunch of crap basiclly.
Hey Ho Lets Go, Polly, Dammit, Give 'Em Hell Kid...We've moved on to sorta metal stuff now.
It went great though. I got such a buzz, great stuff
Also, just before we came on, the bassist snaped his E string, so he used some random guys bass.
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Small gig in an "alt" café. Played Jeremy, Evenflow and Alive by Pearl Jam, Breed and Lithium by Nirvana and Rockin' In The Free World by Neil Young. Used a Squier Strat through a Fender Vintage '75 100w, using it's distorted channel and DS-1 along with Boss Wah.
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First (and only) actual gig was a charity thing. We made the mistake of changing our set around a week before the gig, so we didn't know what we were doing nearly well enough. The drummer/singer forgot the words to the first three songs, during the third of which, Lyla by Oasis, we got into a shouting match and I dropped my guitar and tried to walk off. The other guitarist grabbed my shirt and swore at me, then I picked up my guitar again and we played the last three songs effing flawlessly. This year we're gonna try it again. The thing's at the end of April and we've already got our set list set in stone, so we aren't making the same mistake again.
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.. since then we have learned like 35

35 songs...3 chords
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My first gig was with a band we formed at High School called Park By Shooting. We called it that because with the five of us + amps drums and guitars, a clapped out sigma wagon wasn't fast enough for an actual driveby.

There was a battle of the bands coming up, some of the bands in it were pretty good, and we were like "yeah we've gotta give this a go", so Gav who was the main force behind this bought us some extra instruments. We got a drumkit for like $200, and probably spent similar money on a bass. Gav already had a Les Paul copy and a couple of amps so we were in business jamming in the smallest bedroom in the world with a four piece band + extra friends.

Started jamming together about a week before the gig (right after we got our instruments - it might have been a little longer than that) and very quickly abandoned the idea of writing our own stuff a week out. So we figured out REM's Crush with Eye Liner and Fastball's the Way (Oh god I started out in an Indie band lol). I don't remember us being very good. I was a classical guitarist and a singer. I had no experience playing rock and they didn't like my voice, so they made me a bass player (a week later and I'm playing to a thousand people)

There was no offical running order, since it was a competion, but we were booked as the opening act and I think that was a good idea. The dress run was awesome, cos we had all the lights off and the other bands sitting down the front with their lighters aloft swaying.

Actually the best bit for me was walking out, plugging my bass in and noticing a couple of girls down the front. I flicked my tongue in and out as I caught their eye and got the smile I was looking for. "I could get used to this" I thought.

We came last, although I reckon we had the best stage presense if nothing else. The band that won deserved to win. Sigh.
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wow, my first gig.... that's going back about 4 years now, lol.... I was in a band called Plan B (we were around before that "rap" artist). Our drummer was one of those hardcore christian types, so he entered us in the local youth church's 1st battle of the bands competition (there was about 7 bands in my little village, lol).

Anyways, we played Nothing Else Matters as an opener, followed by Adam's Song by Blink 182 (we played it as a tribute to a friend who had recently commited suicide. He loved that song) and closed with a hard rock ditty we wrote called My Life Story. We'd only been practicing a week, but the crowd absolutely loved us... we were one of the last bands on, and we got the first, and biggest, pit of the night.

During rehearsals, the other bands watched our set, and the general consensus by them was "****, we need to do something special." They thought we were going to win. However, during Nothing Else Matters, the sound screws up... it would've been an easily fixable, 2 second thing at the PA desk if it hadn't been for ANOTHER BAND'S PARENT who messed with my guitarist's amp during the Nothing Else Matters solo. He kept going, and the sound was restored, so props to him for that. Rest of the set was fine, our song went down an absolute storm, people were singing along during the second chorus, which I thought was awesome.

The other bands came up to us afterwards, and were all "lad's, I think you got this in the bag, that was awesome." However, guess who wins? The band who's parent messed with the guitar amp, and that parent happened to be very good friends with the judges.

But that didn't matter in the end. Afterwards, this guy came up to me and said "I absolutely hate Metallica, but the way you played that first song, that was awesome." That's still my proudest moment in music.

I used a Cheri bass, through a Ashdown Fallen Angel head, a 4x10 cab and a 1x15 subwoofer.
My friend was in a and they already had like 11 songs written of their own stuff I was a very big fan of their music I walked in on their practice on day asked if I could join they looked at me weird I played "Purple Haze" and they let me in why idk "Purple Haze" is like the easist Hendrix song to play. Anywho my first gig with them was at a small club/ coffehouse like place and about 30 people showed up. We were the last band to go on stage we did 5 songs then I did "How Deep is Your Love" by the BeeGee's but I really did it cause of John Frusciante but hey the BeeGee's kick ass. We did about 3 more songs then ended well until 3 weeks later when the band suddenly broke up but oh well have fun with your first gig.

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mine was not that long ago actually, even tho ive been playing for like 5 odd years. itwas at a youth center near my school and out keys player had arranged a kickass PA for it. we were like third out and entered on a jazz jam thingy that we had, then i played Cannon in C to a Backing track (^lol it wasnt me in the audience tho) we did a couple of our own songs then tried to end on Binge and grab by buckethead, lol we played it fine until just after the 'first' solo part it goes into an insane run and i just kinda chickened out. the song paused there anyway so noone noticed and we just finished lol. but it was fun jamming with the other guitarist (levvid) backstage and making all the other guitarists feel bad.
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35 songs...3 chords


My first gig, technically was a school battle of the bands last year, I was way nervou, until I hit the first note then all was good, we won that, but it wasn;'t really fun, cause the crowd sucked.

I played a legit battle of the bands last friday, we one first place on our night, and tomorrow I'll be playing in the finals for 1000 bucks, should be great fun, just make sure to rock out and enjoy yourself
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dropped pick. grabbed for the ones on my headstock but i knocked all off then went over to backup vocals mic and accidentaly tipped mic over but was able to make it straight and get a pick :x
the bass player in my band made a flyer that said we played blink 182, metallica, and guns n roses. we didn't know any GNR, we knew 1 blink song, and the only metallica song we did was "whiskey in the jar" which is actually thin lizzy. i asked him why he put that on the flyer and he said "because people will come see us if they think we can play that"
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so everyone just covered songs at their first gig?

We only did one and it was me doing "how deep is your love" I liked the song and my band thought i was cool when I sang, other then that they had everything written already I was just the new guy.

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This is me at my first ever gig:

the one on the left with the BC Rich Warlock. Aww bless how young and inoccent I was.

Unfortunately, that was my old band, the singer was completely tone def and our drummer was unable to play in time. So yeah we sucked.

Another pic:

my buddies and I were camping last summer. There were 4 of us, and 3 of us brought our acoustics. On the last night of the trip we were tired of playing around our campfire so we went to the pavillion in the middle of the campground and started playing. My case was next to me on the ground and before I knew it we had a small crowd and people were putting change in my case. Then we got invited to someone else's campfire where there was about 20 people already, and we played some led zepplin and a few requests we knew. Not an official gig, but it was a great (late) night.

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Dammit, Beverly hills, song 2, brain stew, smells like teen spirit

Mikes didn't work, singer couldn't stop "boping", and it took two attemps and a lot of shouting to get everyone to not end smells like teen spirit after the solo.
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Ours went fantastically apart from our last song. It's a two-part song. The first part is ominous-sounding shoegaze with funk breakdowns (I kid ye not). During the last chorus, I turn down the master volume use a looper to record me playing a load of As with an E-bow to create a drone (there's an A in every chord in the next bit), the first part ends, I fade in the drone with the master volume, and the guitarist's meant to kick in with an almighty riff which goes into the rock-out second part, but he somehow managed to forget and go back to the softly-strummed minor chords from the first bit. I was mouthing 'The fast bit, you tw*t!' and making exaggerated fast strumming motions at him but he didn't see, so the rest of the band sort of stumbled to a halt and that was the end of our set. I'm never going to forgive him for it.

That said, we absolutely ripped through Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight which was pretty cool.

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Well my first gig was a birthday party for a friend... I blew them away opened with cum on feel the noize then went into Nothin but a good time followed by Smoke on the water and closed my set with Won't get fooled again. \m/
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My first gig was just about the best it could be. We played a song that I wrote called Elegy (not a Machine Head rip off) and For You by HIM. The only problem was the crowd - they were all classically trained music students and their classically trained parents,. They didn't know whether to clap or scream. Still, got the best reaction of the whole evening.
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we prepared a week ahead of time

we played

do you wanna dance - ramones
paranoid - sabbath
livin after midnight - preist
kissed a girl(for teh lulz..) - katy perry
brainstew(not my choice, but o well i added a couple crappy solos in lol) - greenday
a jam i wrote the one riff to, stole it a bit from tush by zz top, but changed it a lil, we jammed it for about 15 minutes and it was pretty cool

it was a lot of fun

this bar called tilts last year, i was 15 hell ya lol, 15 and playing a bar for my first gig haha
its also like the badass bar around here lol, and I had a midget who was a fire man dance with my friends mom lol
it was me playing guitar and my buddy on drums and then his dad who is a drummer played bass untill the last two songs we did wich were paranoid and my jam song, and then their actual bassist played, their singer sang for us lol, so we just openeed for there i think 10 reunion show, they do one show there about every year or every couple of years

im the red headed step child haha, but ya a decent amount of screwups lol, i ****ed up paranoid pretty bad to haha, I was pretty nervious, it was my first time playing front of people besides a small graduation party and i played bass for my friends band at a party lol, but it was all small stuff with people i knew till now
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well, it was in a little town in the country, and my mate asked me to come up and play lead guitar, so we went up a couple of days early to practice.

Anyway, the day came (January 26th, Australia Day) and we show our hideous faces at the local swimming pool at 4pm to set up. During sound check, i turb up the volume with the pedal of my me-50 and get this TREMENDOUS feedback, and try as i might i couldn't find the problem (turns out the gain control was on 'turbo :P)

So we get complimentry chops and steak, but we're so nervous we don't eat 'em, and that's halped by the shire president thanking us for music at the start, saying 'I'm sure they'll be fantastic'.

But we get up there, infront of 120 people (hicks) and open with My Sharona.
In all we played about 30 songs (all covers, and we took a break every six songs or so) and got an encore.

And we got 7 hours community service each (that's compulsory to graduate high school)

It was great
My first gig was with my band 'Standing Upon Victory'. I was really nervous and ****ed up over 9000...times. I used a black 'Squier Affinity Strat' through a marshall 1960 lead stack.
I played my school with my two friends, we played seven nation army, the guitarist sung even though he's tone deaf, i ended up pulling my cable out. But we still got the biggest applause of the night. Must of either been because they liked the song or because they knew us.
My first gig was at a rather big venue, was like 100-200 people there

I was only a replacement guitarist for that gig because the usual second guitarist was on a holiday xD We only got to play one song as we had like 6 minutes total, so we played an original song the band had made a few weeks before the gig. Everything went pretty cool, but right before the solo the mic and guitar sound fell out for some reason and people could barely hear the solo. We didn't notice that the sound fell out so we just kept going until the end, but in the end was an awesome gig

EDIT: I used my Epiphone Les Paul Special-II through a Marshall JCM 900 half stack xD
My first gig i brang a line 6 spider lll amp everyone got mad at me and left
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We haven't had our first gig yet, but we will be doing 5 originals (which we already have 3 recorded and memorized) and probably one or two cover songs.
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Fortunately, my first gig was with an already establish band I had joined because they needed a second guitarist to fill out their sound and open them up to new songs. Back in february we played the battle of the bands at our bassist's school (everyone else attends another one), where they already had a fan base and the bassist is a pretty popular guy, so it went great and we won (not based on popularity, the judges were music teachers.)

Unfortunately, our last few gigs have been less successful because no one can be bothered to go to them anymore.
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my first gig was with my current band.i'd been with thme a month,thoguht everything was fine and learned.first song in my strap came off.bit later my vocalist kicked out the plug for my tuner.then i forgot a part.
and i still had a great time

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My first gig i brang a line 6 spider lll amp everyone got mad at me and left

oh my first gig was the **** uncle likes stage equipment so I had a bunch of lights and a few fog machines in my friends backyard for a party
I was using my KK sig. warlock with a line6(don't remember what kind)
I got carried away and played behind my head cuz there was a chick I liked there:P
but it went really well
the only covers we did were Beverly Hills,Walk, and Simple Man
The lights looked awesome when we played Simple man cuz they went perfect with the song
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I haven't had mine yet... but, when I get to college next year, I want to find a bassist and drummer who are Muse freaks like me, and want to be a serious band.

Our first gig would be all Muse covers
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