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Are you destined for it?
21 43%
Is it your passion?
38 78%
Do you love it?
36 73%
Are you gonna give it up?
2 4%
Are you committed to it?
27 55%
Voters: 49.

Why do people play the guitar? Why is it that some people can't?

There are those who want to learn but cannot. There are those who want to learn but can't commit theirselves to it. There are those who want to learn to play but does not have the time for it.

Some teach and some just play for fun. Some play for a living and some just want to make music.

Playing the guitar well is a guitarist's dream. Although, creating great music is a great guitarist's plan. I want to teach people but they cannot learn. Maybe there are just some people who were really bourn to play. Some just can't do it.

What is it to you, do you really love music? Or you just love the sound of music? Are you destined for it?
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Music is my life. Thats like all I do. I dont plan on making a career out of it, although if I could, I sure would. And I never plan on giving it up for the rest of my life.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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i started out as just a hobby. then its now become my life pretty much. i do plan on playing for the rest of my life, until i can't pick up a bass or guitar anymore.
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Wow, im perverted... i thought you were talking about sex when i read the topic title...

But yeah, I always loved listening to music, and I've always loved expressing myself and being creative and since I started playing guitar(about 16 months ago) its been addictive and im getting better because its fun and im always drawn to my guitar.

It'd be a dream come true if i could make a living playing but im not counting on it.

I play because i can express myself through something i love. MUSIC.
it's the one thing i really love in this world. music that is.... and guitar. it's an escape and it's a form of self expression. i've never been really good with words, so i can play guitar and say what i wanna say.
I started playing because I thought that people looked cool when they were playing. I always loved music ,but didn't have any insight or background in music other than listening to it. So for the first couple of years I learned how to play some songs and stuff but I didn't really learn a lot of valuable information. I never worked on my technique. I didn't really have any plans of doing anything with it either. I just liked playing in my room along with cd's. Then I quit playing for like 2 years (I didn't quit completely but I would play about 30 mins. a month maybe...I rarely picked it up...only when there was nothing else to do). I kept listening to a ton of music while I wasn't playing. I grew up some and so did my taste in music. Then about a month or two ago I felt like playing again. It seems like in the years that I took off my ear progressed a lot (that was one thing that always pissed me off was not being able to do stuff by ear) and it was instantly a lot more fun. I have been spending most of my time (nearly every moment that I'm not working) on my technique and developing as a musician. I really am not quite sure what happened or what is different but I really don't see myself giving up guitar again.

(sorry for the long-ass post)
Are you destined for it? Depends what you mean.

Is it your passion? Sadly, yes.

Do you love it? I both hate it and can't get enough of it.

Are you gonna give it up? I hope so, but probably not.

Are you committed to it? Against my will, yes.
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no way
Oh poo, I forgot to select that I was committed to it...oh well.

I've been playing the guitar for fifteen months now and I'm proud to say that I feel I have progressed 'quickly' compared to everyone else that I personally know.

When I first started playing guitar, I was just getting into music and I thought it might be fun to learn. After being inspired to playby watching some grade 12 guy play I thought 'I wanna do that too.'

So I did. And now it has devoured everything in my life.
I think some people are just born with others get to earn it, I like to think i've earned what I have so far by practicing alot.

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it's an escape and it's a form of self expression. i've never been really good with words, so i can play guitar and say what i wanna say.

I feel exactly the same as this guy
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no such thing as destiny or being "meant" for music or whatever.

if you want to play badly enough, youll practice, and youll eventually get to the level you want.

I totally disagree with the last part. You will never be satisfied with the level that your at. I guess you don't play guitar or you would know that. Even the greatest guitar player in the world (whoever that may be to you) will always want to know more. Sometimes after I learn a song very well, I feel satisfied until I hear another song and I want to know how to play that song. It's like money, you can never have enough.
I also think God (sorry to get religious) gives people the gift of playing the guitar for a reason.

Anyway, playing guitar for me started as just something I wanted to learn because I was bored. and now, 15 months later, it's become a passion of mine. I feel I've progressed faster than a lot of guys I know, and I do believe that I have a natural gift for playing guitar. I've done a lot of things and nothing has ever felt as natural as playing guitar. I don't think I'll make a career out of it but I would love to preform for people.
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im building a career out of it, im in movies too so showbiz i want to be my paying occupation, so destined for it is a glorified vision but for lack of a better phrase thats what it is, i love music and i love making it more and giving it to anyone who will listen, the stage is where im most comfortable and the whole thing works with me. so while for some people guitar is a journey, always trying to get better at it, for me its a part of my personality, its another bodily organ, i never practice i only ever play and jam, developing my style and taste, thats what its really all about for me...
I think it is fun... I picked up guitar because I wanted to play some songs from a game on it...
A guitar is your personality expressed through 6 strings.
I picked up guitar because...well I don't remember. Maybe it was when I listened to Rob Zombie for the first time, fueled by listening to some guitar solos in some 80s type ballad? Maybe it was listening to Larry LaLonde pound away with his electrifying dissonant solos? Why'd I pick up bass? Was it Les Claypool, playing Jerry Was a Racecar Driver? Michael Anthony holding down the groove? Maybe it was Flea Either way, I loved ithem when I picked them up. I love music. It has given me a positive way to get my feelings out instead of building them all up inside me.

Anyway, I would make a career out of it if I could, and I would love to. However, if you don't have a Plan B, then you don't have a plan, so I have plans for back up that I still am passionate about.

It's something I really enjoy and care about. I honestly don't know how I'd be without music. It taught me how to open my mind. So yes, it is a passion for me.
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Passion: HELL YEA!! I've always wanted to rock

Destined: In my opinion yes, I push myself to learn more.

Past: it only created the future of great rock

I don't plan on giving guitar up, ever! I play everday and I wish greatly I could make it my career, if not I will always want to teach others in my spare time. Music is an expression, it comes deep within the heart and mind.