I'd have posted this earlier but I've been away from the pit for a while.

Well, Tuesday morning started off very average. I got up and jumped in the shower after turning the radio on to my favorite station. Since tuesday would have been Kurt Cobain's 40th birthday, they had a contest where they took six one-second clips from different Nirvana songs and made one six-second clip. The people calling in were supposed to identify all six song in order. Three people screwed up, so I jumped out of the shower, dripping wet, to call the station. I was amazed to learn that I got through, and if they guy ahead of me screwed up, I'd get a shot. Well, he screwed it up. So they went to me, asked what I had for an answer, and I managed to say "ComeAsYouAre-AllApologies-HeartShapedBox-Lithium-SmellsLikeTeenSpirit-TheManWhoSoldTheWorld" in one breath, and I got it.

So, I won two tickets to the SOLD-OUT Nickelback, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin concert on March 1st.

Just thought I'd share my good fortune with you all. Have a good day, and thanks for reading.
Okay, granted I've been to better(Aerosmith and Kiss, Motley Crue, Poison....). But this is free. Plus, it's sold out, so everyone in my school is kissing ass to get a ticket. I'm not particularly excited about Nickelback, but the others should be good.
I guess I was a bit biased about Three Days Grace. I thought they were emo...and after youtubing two of their songs I came to the conclusion they're not that bad. And I do admit some older Nickelback songs are quite catchy. Any special persons you want to bring with you, if you know what I mean?
Haha, three days grace's new album is sort of whiny, but it's okay. I love the old nickelback stuff, and some of the new stuff too. I'm not a fan of some of the softer songs they have. Puts them on a level with Hinder.

I'm taking my friend Mollay. She said she'd drive the 60 miles each way and I don't have to pay her for gas. Which means I get baked.
Can I come?

I'll pay for my plane ticket.. and erm..

Ah, who am I kidding?
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Nice luck dude. Though I wouldn't have bothered phoning in. Not so much a fan of Nickelback.
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Nice luck dude. Though I wouldn't have bothered phoning in. Not so much a fan of Nickelback.

Fan or not, it's worth it for Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. Besides, it's an experience. Winning stuff off the radio isn't something you do every day (Well, it's something they won't let me do for the next 90 days). Besides, sold-out show and tickets valued at $46... I figured they'd at least have some value if I decided to scalp them.
If it's sold out. Sell it and then buy a ticket for a better concert.
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It's fucking free. What part of that do you not understand, dickwad?

i would rather do just about anything than have to see this douche:

in person.
are they trying to punish you for winning?
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............i think thats a contest best not won........

i dont like nirvana so to me it seems like pointless knowledge being spout out for a prize worth -infinity happy points
NICE!!! Although they only band I like out of them a bit are Three Days Grace. If I were you I'd sell them, man, sold out? They must be worth a lot!